What’s it about?

In this action-packed middle-grade novel, video-game fanatic Marcus must face the ultimate challenge: notorious boarding school Bad Grammar.

When he’s in the world of his favourite video game Dragon Warrior, Marcus is nothing short of a legend. But after his only friend moves away and Marcus is decidedly not crushing things in the real world, his parents decide to enrol him in an outback boarding school for kids who have difficulty fitting in: Bad Grammar.

It’s a place without phones or internet, where days are spent avoiding the wrath of bullies with names like Scarface, and nights are spent attempting to sleep in a hammock. Before long being a student at Bad Grammar makes Dragon Warrior look tame. Will Marcus be able to level up and survive a school like no other?

This re-released edition is available 8th March 2023.

Nice things people say

A funny fast-paced book, full of outlandish characters and incidents, this is a recommended read for young adventurers.

- Australian Booksellers and Publishers Magazine

Luff is a master craftsman at this kind of tale

- Dave Calderwood, Waikato Times

Very funny and exciting.

- Bob's Books Blog

There are lots of laugh out loud moments, lots of gross moments and even some thoughtful ideas about friendship and belonging.

- Kids' Book Review

The message is highly appropriate and presented in a subtle and engaging way.

- Lamont Books

This book cannot be praised highly enough. A brilliant must read.

- Dave Calderwood, Waikato Times

This is one of the best books I've read.

- George Murrihy, Herald Sun

This is a rollicking read for junior readers, fast paced and very funny.

- Read Plus