What’s it about?

Stu is a wuss. A city kid. A chicken. His country cousins are daredevils who look like they sprinkle steroids on their cereal. When Stu is packed off to the country for the summer, he has to face the danger that lurks behind every tree: demonic lambs, yabby-infested tanks, raging creeks and, worst of all, his relatives.

Cover illustrations by John & Stella Danalis

Nice things people say

Nathan Luff is funny and sensitive. This book is written with so much good humour that you won’t be able to stop yourself from laughing out loud.

- Pass it On review.

Chicken Stu is hilarious!

- Claire Saxby, Aussie Reviews

Where to buy the book?

Chicken Stu is currently unavailable to purchase. Check out your local library.