What’s it about?

There’s a reason families usually live together — to contain the horror and not inflict it on others. A family holiday is a really, really bad idea!

After a super embarrassing situation at school, Jakob decides the only way to escape the ridicule is to leave the country on a family holiday. But with a cheapskate worry-wart for a dad and an obnoxiously loud optimist for a mum, fresh humiliation is around every corner. Even worse, the weirdest girl at school is coming along for the ride and won’t let Jakob out of her sight. Jakob thinks he has hit rock-bottom. Little does he know there is always further to fall in a family holiday disaster!

Jakob and his family fly with Dare Air, a budget airline. You can check out their TV ad below:

Nice things people say

I had to stop reading some bits I was laughing so much. My son and I were crying with laughter!

- Amanda Lieber

Finished in one night. Obsessed.

- Poppy

This is hilarious, full of the kind of craziness that will have young readers rolling on the floor laughing.

- Forest Hill College Library

Easy to devour and full of fun and hijinks, this series is bound to be a hit!

- Nat Amoore

My reader let out a lots of delightedly disgusted "urghs", "bruhs" and giggles.

- Our Bookish Days

It's an easy, fun read, even for reluctant readers.

- Buzz Words Magazine

Fast paced, disaster-riddled and brought to life by the fun illustrations, kids are in for a fast, funny read.

- Reading Time, CBCA

A great pick for kids who love exaggerated humour and wacky situations à la Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Funny Kid.

- The Byrd and the Bookworms