Shortlisted for

The Taco Awards

The wonderful Kid Lit podcast Reading With a Chance of Tacos have presented their first ever Taco Awards and I’m so excited because these awards celebrate funny, quirky and imaginative books.

From their website:

At Reading with a chance of Tacos, it’s all about books that entertain. The Taco Awards aim to honour the books that kids want to read. It’s time to celebrate! The Taco Awards differ from other awards as books are not judged solely on literary merit, but emphasis is on entertaining the reader. Tacos has always been a podcast full of enthusiasm and fun. We love the books we receive and review on our podcast. We particularly love funny, quirky, and imaginative books. And books that excite us for no other reason than they’re just so entertaining! We also believe many of these books are the books kids truly want to read. We see these books as being extremely important, both as a precursor to more advanced literature, and as entertainment in their own right. And God knows we need entertaining books! 

I’m also excited to say the Nerd Herd series was shortlisted for some of the awards!! Shaama Llama Ding Dong was shortlisted for the Best Character in a Children’s Book award. And The Nerd Herd series was shortlisted for the Reluctant Reader Award.

You can find out more about Reading with a chance of Tacos and see all the shortlisted titles (and winners) here: